Isis King


October 1, 1985 (age 25) in Prince George's County, Maryland




Yes; The judges felt that Isis' personality was slipping and that she was sleepy in her shoots.




Isis Tsumani, Darrell Walls


110 lbs.

Ethnicity and Religion





Mckey, Brittany , Sheena, Analeigh


Clark, Lauren Brie, Hannah, Sharaun

Isis King (born Darrell Walls on October 1, 1985 in Prince George's County, Maryland) is trans woman and possibly the most controversial model, who appeared on America's Next Top Model Cycle 11.

Early LifeEdit

Isis was born as Darrell Walls on October 1, 1985 in Prince George's County, Maryland to Sharray.

Isis says that she knew she was a girl from as long as she can remember. She would always hang out with girls, but then she would get in trouble. She says that she felt more comfortable around women, than with the boys in the locker room. She would even use the stall because she was uncomfortable. Isis believes it is okay for boys to play with dolls and it doesn't make them gay, however she says that she played with dolls, because she was born mentally a woman. She convinced her mother's boyfriend to buy her a female action-figure (Xena) though she wanted Storm.

When Isis was 14, her mother had a Halloween costume party. She convinced her mother to let her dress up like her, and made it seem like it was her mother's idea. She wore a wig and high heels. Though everyone laughed at Isis, she continued to strut.

Although, (while still male) she came out as gay in high school, Isis felt it wasn't an accurate orientation. Isis told her mom about being a transgender when she was picking her up from the bus stop. Sharray said that she started to cry, but they talked about it at home. Sharray had a very difficult time called Darrell, Isis. She would have to call her, D. When Sharray and Isis were in the store one time, Sharray called her Darrell. The workers at the store tried to turn around and see who exactly she was talking to. Isis looked, too. In 2007, Isis appeared in an MSNBC special entitled Born in the Wrong Body, a documentary about transgenders around America. In the same year, Isis began hormone replacement surgery to transition into a woman.

Gallery Edit

Cycle 10Edit

Isis was first seen during Cycle 10, during the homeless shoot. Isis was homeless for about a year. The actual models of the cycle were dressed as homeless girls, and the homeless girls were dressed in haute couture. Isis has anemia, a diasese where the body does not produce enough red blood cells. Isis stayed the entire eight hours in the freezing cold, during the shoot. Isis did this, because she knew that she would never get an opportunity like this ever again. (But, she would next cycle.) During the time that Tyra was editing film, she was drawn to Isis in the background. Tyra even said that Isis' poses were better than the actual girls' poses. Tyra wanted her on the show, and she was brought to the Cycle 11 semi-finals.


Top ModelEdit

After Top ModelEdit

While appearing on The Tyra Show, Tyra contacted Dr. Marci Bowers, a leading transitioning surgeon. Isis had her surgery on February 27, 2009.

Personal Life/FamilyEdit

  • Sharray, mother
  • Desmond, fiancee

Desmond proposed to Isis on her second appearance on the Tyra show. She said yes.


  • Isis is the first and only transgender contestant.
  • Isis appeared as an extra on Cycle 10's Homeless Photoshoot.
  • Isis was in the bottom two on the third episode with Nikeysha, for lackluster performance and drab appearance.
  • Isis has anemia, due to being so skinny.
  • Isis is officially post op, and has breasts.